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Nostalgic, bluesy and sentimental are just a few of the words that can be used to describe this artist! Louisa Rowley is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from southeast England whose blues, soul and jazz-influenced sounds combine with her experiences as a neuro-diverse, severely anxious and asexual woman crafting a sound that is part-old, part-new, part-uplifting, part-hard-hitting.

Taking her influence from the a number of 20th and 21st century artists, Louisa's sound can best be described as Bonnie Raitt meets Elvis meets Amy Winehouse! Louisa started writing music at the age of 18 to help her cope with her battles with anxiety, and has since used it to help explore her mental health, adult autism diagnosis and post-adolescent experience. 

Having fallen in love with jazz, and subsequently, blues and soul, Louisa began her first singing class at 19 and began performing not long after that! She has since performed across South, North and East London, most notably making appearances at the North London Tavern's, Kilburn Folk Fest, the Islington Radio Acoustic Showcase and the Fusion of Arts Night at the Apples and Pear Bar in Shoreditch! 

Louisa released her first single, Can't Escape The Blues, in the summer of 2022, detailing her relapses in anxiety, mixing the sounds of classic blues riffs with 60's Motown/soul! She released her follow up, Love Me For All My Flaws in September of 2023. This second single combined upbeat ukulele tones and a swing drum backing with raw and honest lyrics, as it focused on the way mental illness can affect our relationships with our loved ones, and change our behaviour. She is now working on the release of her upcoming EP, that she hopes to start releasing throughout 2024.  


In 2023, she also graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London with a BA in Creative Musicianship. She can be found doing the rounds on the London gigging circuit, performing her unique, bluesy songs on her electric ukulele! She can also be found regularly updating her TikTok, Instagram and Facebook followers with her latest exploits!

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