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A Peaceful Retirement- Out 23/02
Produced by: Richard Marc
Cover Art by: Adrian Rowley

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About The Artist...

Nostalgic, bluesy and sentimental are just a few of the ways you could describe this artist's music. Louisa Rowley is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Southeast England who writes and performs blues, soul, and jazz music.

Taking her influence from the a number of 20th and 21st century artists, Louisa's sound can best be described as Bonnie Raitt meets Elvis meets Amy Winehouse! Louisa started writing music at the age of 18 to help her cope with her battles with anxiety, and has since used it to help explore her mental health, adult autism diagnosis and post-adolescent experience. 

Since starting her musical journey, Louisa has performed across North, South and East London, notably making appearances at the Kilburn Folk Fest and Islington Radio Acoustic Showcase! Having released 2 singles in the last 2 years, Louisa will spend 2024 working on and releasing her debut EP. 

To read her full length biography, visit her EPK page at 

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